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    How do I import a scanned image to Lightroom CC?

    margolisr Level 1

      How do I import a scanned image to Lightroom CC?  I have it on a disk which is inserted in drive.  In the Import dialogue area in Lightroom, I can find the disk but when I click on it there is no image there.   The file name on the image is "scan 402" with no file extension.  It is supposed to be a Tif file. I think I have imported it into Photoshop CC because it is there in a window where I can work on it in the Navigator. I know if I open an image in PS it isn't necessarily imported.  Like when I have an image in Lighroom and I chose to open it in PS. I got it into PS by right clicking on the image on the hard disk for a pull down menu and I choose "open with" and chose Lightroom 5.  I am on an iMac running OS 10.9.4.   Lately I have editing images in Lightroom so am only somewhat familiar with PS.