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    About Conservation form _ Indesign


      「INDD "ドキュメントの私のアイコンは、それを有するれている。


      それは他のコンピュータで開いていませんでした。(コンピュータは「SHARED CONTENT.RPLN。」と述べ) 



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          I'm working from machine translation, so it's just a guess, but it looks like you are trying to open a file that was saved from a newer version of InDesign in CS5. The .indd format is not backward compatible, and you must open the file in he version from which it was saved or a newer version, then export to .idml, which can be opened by CS4 and newer, but there may be loss of content from use of new features that do not exist in the version you use, and the text may flow differently due to changes in the text engines with new versions.