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    External Interface

    cutie369 Level 1
      Hi Guys, I have a web site which is just one page. I am using tabs for this using CSS and Javascript. On one of the tabs I have the flvplayerPro and it is working quite nicely. However, I need to pause the player when I click off to another tab. I suspect I need to use JavaScript to trigger this having an if statement around this. This problem only seems to occur in IE browsers when I click to other tabs in Firefox & Opera the Player Stops.

      var listenerObject:Object = new Object();
      listenerObject.pause = function(eventObject:Object) {
      myFlvPlayer.addEventListener("pause", listenerObject);

      How do I constuct this?
      Can you please help me with the proper JavaScript Syntac and the if statement syntac to pause the player when I click to another tab.