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    After Effects CS 6 Error:   Unknown Exception


      Whenever I try to open After Effects CS 6 I will get this error message:  "After Effects Warning: Unknown Exception".

      After hitting "OK" I'll continue to receive more warning messages before After Effects will just quit without even opening.  I've notice that this issue was brought up last year, and was wondering if there was reasonably 'easy' solution to this problem.





      This is what the original poster uploaded last year and it's exactly the error messages that I'm encountering when I try to open my copy of After Effects CS6. 

      I've owned this program for over a year and have never encountered any freezes or hiccups, in fact I had just finished a project a few days ago and everything was fine . . . until tonight.

      I've tried updating my After Effects CS6.  Still getting error messages.  Is there anything else I can try or am I faced with having to save all of my files, reformat my hard drive, and re-install Adobe CS6, along with everything else?



      Thanks in advance