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    cfexecute problem

    Mark Forsberg Level 1
      When I run the following code notepad doesn't pop up. I get a timeout error. If I set the timeout to 0 nothing occurs at all.
      The coldfusion service is running under it's own account with permissions on the network.

      <cfexecute name="C:\WINNT\System32\notepad.exe" timeout="2"></cfexecute>

      Any ideas?

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          LL@Work Level 1
          We have seen this when Coldfusion is installed on a multi-server configuration and the admin instance and notepad.exe are not running as the same user.
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            Mr Black
            It is popping up. You just cannot see it, because services run on invisible desktop, different from the default interactive desktop.
            You have to chek "Allow service to interact with desktop" option in the service properties in order to run CF service on the default desktop. After that you will see the Notepad window.

            You are getting the timeout error, because notepad.exe never terminates (see above). When setting timeout to 0, you just start another detached invisible instance of notepad.

            You also can use CFX_EXEC to launch Notepad on interactive desktop.