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    client review


      I am trying to get a feel for alternative methods of client review (instead of just sending QT files). Is there any programs similar to the old Clip Notes option for PDF? Some way for clients to make notes linked to timecode and then perhaps bring that info back into AE or PP as markers?



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          Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          I use Vimeo for most client reviews. I can make the videos private, there are comment fields and if I need timecode I can overlay it in the proof. I also use YouTube on occasion. Proofs are rendered using the AME presets. I find this the most efficient way to review work. Meetings are held using webX and the whole process is easy and painless. It's much better than trying to host videos on your own site or send them by email.


          Behance is also a great tool. Unfortunately my workload has prevented me from taking the time to utilize this tool in any meaningful way since it's release. You know what they say, "The cobblers children have no shoes."

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            brendanT Level 1

            What do you like about Behance? I only use it as a portfolio site and even then I embed Vimeo links.


            If you could have the multiple persons review versions and make timecode specific notes that could then be brought back into CC would that be helpful? Something similar to the old Clip notes feature (or CS Review)?