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    Can I convert .fh10 into something that can be opened in Indesign?


      I have a problem at work. I was given nice 17 files that are .fh10 as in Freehand files. I would need to edit these files, but I can't figure out a proper course to take. There is a possibility to use Freehand 10 on one very, very old computer, but I can't do all the work on that computer, so it's only a backup in case it's useful for converting these files.


      So, is there a way to convert .fh10 files into something I can OPEN in Indesign CS6 - not just IMPORT. Because if importing is the only possibility then it means all the work put into these files originally is lost to me.

      (They are info boards, meaning they include pictures, logos, text, background colors and actually even certain shapes into which they were originally cut after printing. They need to be updated now and printed again.)


      I would appreciate if someone could save my day and tell me there is easier way than to start from scratch?