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    Control duration/length of file when you add it to the composition

    sophia125 Level 1



      This has been bugging me for a while and feel like there is probably an easy solution for this.


      When I drag and drop a file (image, clip, etc.) from the project panel to the composition/timeline, AE automatically decides that the file's length is that of the entire composition. A lot of the time I want that file to only be say 10s long while the entire composition might be 60s long. I know that you can drag and drop the file at the current time indicator, it will still be 60s long in that case though. Then I have to "manually" crop the length of the layer.


      Is there a keyboard shortcut or something you can do with markers to decide the length of the file/layer before/while you drop it in the composition?


      I use CS6.