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    Multiple connections to same server

      I've a contribute-site on a server X which has DNS name A, then I created another site (Apache VirtualHost) on the same server X with dns-name B. Contribute refuses to deal with that new site B, because it thinks it already has a connection to that site, which indeed is not true.

      Is it really so that its not possible to have a single Contribute installation having two separate website-settings pointing to two different domain names?

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          Take a look at the web addresses information in the EDIT > ADMINISTER WEBSITES > WEB SERVER section of Contribute. If the two sites have the same IP address, delete the IP address in the list of web addresses. Contribute can then find the site by name, not IP.

          Hope this helps!

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            kristo2 Level 1
            There was indeed an ip-address listed as alternate web server addresses, thanks for pointing out that. But: removed all alternate addresses and made sure that they are not present in contribute.xml or cthub--.csi files, and Contribute is still refuses to create another connection to same ip-address. Even tried re-creating the contribute-client setup from scratch, but without success.

            Are you currently using Contribute 4 with such a setup?