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    [Testing & Free] spreadsheet publishing at Pagination.com

    Wpp Id

      Hello community!

      You all are familiar with the concept of database publishing.

      We are working right now on a simpler concept: more like "spreadsheet" publishing


      If you need to paginate on the fly large excel spreadsheet into InDesign catalogs or price-lists you could find useful to visit and try Pagination.com

      Where you can upload your spreadsheet, choose between different templates, paginate and download your automatically paginated InDesign documents/book.


      We are currently offering free accounts to test the service, and we would be honored if you test the service.

      We would be happy to offer you free assistance and customization.


      On the website you'll also find our tutorials and our comments about more classic approaches in connecting spreadsheets to InDesign:

      Place Command Option, Data Merge, and XML: http://pagination.com/excel-to-indesign/


      All the tutorials have their own downloadable package.


      We hope to add something new and interesting to the thriving InDesign community.


      Please send us any of your feedback.