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    Loading movies on different levels

      Pretty simple interface, level 0 loads a intro swf on level 1 then loads the navigation on level 2. Navigation loads all movies on level one, replacing whatever is there. The issue I'm running into is if I load a rather large movie into level 1, it starts loading with the preloader, but if I click another button from the nav (level 2) and choose to load a different movie into level one while the intial one is still loading it starts acting quircky. It will bring in the other movie but any other option from there will either bring in nothing or bring in the intro.swf again (I have no buttons that would call the intro in on the nav). The only way it works correctly is if I let each movie load all the way. I'm using the simple loadMovieNum("fmoviename.swf", 1);

      Has anyone come accross this before?