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    Best way to record the panning feature of a map

      I am creating a demonstration of how a Google map pans. It seems easy enough to record but the file size does not enable me to put it on the Internet as a flash animation. I have read about the Alt Spac M solution but it doesn't work for me. The map is in the recording area and when I do that and use the arrow keys, nothing happens. Obviously I am new to Captivate, but I think I have a fairly good understanding of how the program works. I am looking for work arounds from the experts!
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          CatBandit Level 3
          I created the workaround and wrote the ALT+SPACEBAR+M solution in these forums ... so am wondering why it doesn't work for you? Are you using manual capture to grab the changes (to simulate the background scroll)?

          There are just two ways - to my knowledge - to simulate window-scrolling. One is to use full-motion (AVI) capture which will indeed sometimes result in large files, and the other is some variation of the ALT+SPACEBAR+M solution. In this expert's opinion, there is no workaround for the workaround. Your best bet is to give us a step-by-step of what you are doing and let us try to see what part of the effort is going awry for you.

          Thanks and have a very nice weekend!
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            deidrelynn Level 1
            Thanks for you quick reply. Keeping in mind that I am yet an amateur, let me see if I can tell you what exactly I am doing. I begin the record in manual mode. I have the map in the record area. I capture. Then I hit the ALT+SpaceBar+M at the same time. But do I need to hold those buttons down while I am using the arrow keys? the map did not move. I am expecting the map itself to move right or left, up or down, depending. Not the record window, right? When I read about the workaround, it made perfect sense. So it must be some step I am missing.
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              CatBandit Level 3
              Yes, you must continue to hold down the three-keys while tapping the left-right-up-down arrow key(s) for each incremental movement. You can press the "PrtScr" key to capture the background change for each move, or perhaps keep the number of slides lower by pressing PrtScr every 3rd time (or whatever).

              It might take a little practice, but should work a treat. CAUTION: This will NOT work if you have the application maximized, as it will already be occupying all the screen real estate...

              Best of luck, and let us know if there are any further problems, deidrelynn.

              EDIT: Sorry about missing the other part of your question; yes, the application window you are recording will move - be sure it is the "active" application when you use the keystroke combination so that the action will be applied to that window - okay?
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                flarext Level 1
                Hi deidrelynn,

                The workaround of using the keys ALT + Spacebar + M won't work for panning within Google Maps. The Google Map is actually an application within the browser window. The Microsoft Windows keyboard shortcut allows you to move the active window using the arrow keys, but will not actually pan around on a Google Map that is embedded within that window. For that to work, Google would have to program the same functionality for panning using keys that Windows is using. That said, if you click inside a Google Map, you can already pan using just the arrow keys. Hold down an arrow key for the pan to move faster. You might find that you have to use full motion recording to see smooth panning on the map.

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                  CatBandit Level 3
                  I wasn't aware that we were discussing Google maps, ~Aaron, but it makes no difference whether or not that is the case. To test the panning of Google Earth, I fired it up and found that while the shortcut key combination (ALT+SPACE+M) is not available on the window, the concept of manually scrolling the application window works just fine; just select "Move" from the Title Bar left-end menu, then use the ARROW keys in conjunction with the PRTSCR key as we've already discussed, and use the ENTER to "place" the map in its final position.

                  To repeat my earlier caution, the application window needs to be in "restore" mode because if it is maximized, it cannot be moved (of course).

                  Last thought: There are some cases where full-motion capture might be preferable to a manual panning operation, and this might be one of them. In any case, best of luck, " deidrelynn".