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    Rename shots sequence by view name


      Hi all,


      I need help to rename my shots sequence. Basically I have no interest in time, date or numeric sequence.

      What's matter for my workflow is to have a sequence of views name. I.E.  I shoot 6 views for my ecommerce.

      _TOP, _TOP+SIDE, _SCATTER, _TOE etc. etc...


      Now my question is, since I couldn'f figure it out by myself, there's a way in Lightroom/Photoshop with wich I do not have to rename them manually or creating some automate code batch in macintosh or using third-party softwares?


      If there's not any solution is welcomed. At the moment I'm doing manually.


      Thanks for you help.

      Ale @ VIAJIYU



      of course when I shot I keep a numeric sequence and a personal order

      TOP first then SCATTER then TOE and so on...

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          RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

          Personal preference but I wouldn't rename for this. I would Keyword the view to designate its orientation.

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            VIAJIYU Level 1

            Hi Rikk,

            thanks for your answer.


            Now, there's a way to keyword shots automatically?


            What I mean is, if I know that I have 6 shots angles (in sequence number first one is TOP view, second one is a SCATTER view and so no) there's a way to apply automatic keywords sequentially linked to views/sequence number?


            Anyway, that will be great for me which I can learn faster, but in a standard heterogeneous team the "cmnd+f" is still a good way to search that's why my need to actually rename the file. The chance to add a features that instead a numeric sequence can add automatically a personal sequence (in my case made of views) would be great. In another business I worked we used a software for that, but is not running on mac.


            Kind regards,

            Ale @ VIAJIYU

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              RikkFlohr Adobe Community Professional

              Fully automated? Not really.


              If you shooting is consistent, you can set up your Grid to be six wide for you to group all like views in vertical columns. The Painter tool could be used to apply the keywords quickly. Also look at the Keyword List function to create a custom list of keywords for your 6 views. They can quickly be applied by shortcut using your keyboard's 10-key pad.