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    Indesign Data merge not displaying all fields


      Hi All,

      Who can help a girl out here before she goes bonkers!?


      So, I'm relatively new to data merge, but not Indesign (used it for many years). I have used the data merge facility a few times many months ago and I am just re-visiting a project where I think it would be handy.


      I'm creating a product data sheet using data merge. I have a .csv file including various records such as ProductName, Weight, Type, Visibility, ProtectionClass.

      I've labelled up the document in accordance <<ProductName>>, <<Weight>> etc etc...


      When I export as a PDF Indesign is recognising most of the fields but randomly not pulling them all across, any ideas? I've checked all spelling/ spacing/ capitalisation, nothing seems to work.

      The fields are in tables and the rows above and below are displaying, it's just some items aren't.


      Any advice will be welcome (pulling my hair out!)