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    reset value of text box and still have user input as well.




      I currently have a PDF form that helps users print of labels depending what is entered into the first page and one of the boxes has an 'Additional Info' box that puts unto 10 characters onto one of the labels.


      This was made because a customer wanted something defining on the boxes so I included it on the box label now I have found another use for it.


      If a customer asks we can make a custom size curtain but only so many can fit in a box as we show on the label how many fits in the box depending on the size via icons and I have decided to use this extra info to define how many are in this box if the customer asks for a custom size and I have managed to be able to have a dialogue box that the user enters how many will be in the box and it will enter that into the extra info box but I have found no way of clearing it when we start using standard size again except from event.value = " " unfortunately this stops the user from being able to edit anything within the box as it clears as any calculation is run through again.


      I have tried using

      if (this.getField("SizeDrop").value == 'BE'){
      event.value = this.getField("csn").value + " IN A BOX"
      } else {

      but it will not clear the box but allows the user to clear it and be able to put any other information in it if required.


      is there anyway of having the box cleared after "SizeDrop" is changed from 'BE'?