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    Find/ChangeList help?

    Sandee Cohen Adobe Community Professional

      I am trying to use the Find/ChangeList.txt file with the Find/ChangeList.jsx in Samples>Javascripts


      I would like to set it up that the txt file lists a series of paragraph styles to find and another list to change to.


      I tried just one Find/Change to see how it worked. I tried:




      but I got an error:




      Could someone give me the proper format. And please don't tell me about multi-Find/Change or scripts by Kasyan Servetsky or Martin Fisher.


      I need to use the core scripts that ship with InDesign.

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          cchimi Level 2
          text[TAB]{appliedParagraphStyle:"body"}[TAB]{appliedParagraphStyle:"copy"}[TAB][Any settings, like include footnotes]



          Replace [TAB] with an actual tab character, and add any settings in place of the last bit of bracketed text (if needed). findWhat and changeTo are properties that specifically take strings; they correspond to the part of the Find and Replace where you type your text.