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    Applying JQUERY to a JSON Feed called in Edge


      So I'm making an AJAX Call to a list of <UL> and <LI> items which all have various class names and unique IDs.


      I'm trying to build a javascript to turn some of these into a collapsable menu.

      If I paste the list into a normal HTML page and then include my script in the header they collapse and expand perfectly as expected.


      What I'm trying to figure out is where should I place the Javascript which is targeting the items in the list after the JSON call so that I can then alter the behavior  of the list to include expand/collapse Jquery based actions.


      Things I've already tried:

      Pasting the script outside of the Stage.

      Pasting it in the stage.

      Including it in the Edge Animate scripts library.

      Making direct calls to and pasting said script into the Creation Complete action as well as on-resize and other Edge actions.


      Among a few other things... No luck so far.


      Where do you suggest I place Jquery scripts which I want to alter an HTML list inside of an edge symbol being placed there via Jquery.


      I'm guessing the answer is either related to 1- Syntax  or

      2- Load Order - The script is using $(document).ready(function () {...

      Any advice for altering Edge elements with Jquery would be awesomely helpful.