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      Animation in website is saying

      can not find "xx_edgePreload.js".

      Where can I find "xx_edgePreload.js"?

      Why do we need it?

      None in publish for web.

      None in publish as .oam

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          vivekuma Adobe Employee

          How are you using the Edge Animation? Give more details.

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            kgui Level 1

            I'm using the .oam file in combination with Drupal CMS.
            There is NO xx_edgePreload.js located in the .oam file. But I can see that 'edge.5.0.0.min.js', is building a reference to it. But why?


            ...Z?(window.edge_authoring_mode||(m?(k.definePreloader(m),e()):k.load(c+"_edgePreload.js" ,e)), ....


            I've tried it with and without preloader publishing options (immediate | polite).

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              vivekuma Adobe Employee

              In line (m ? (k.definePreloader(m),e()) : k.load(c+"_edgePreload.js" ,e) , always definePreloader(m) will be called. There is no concept of _edgePreload.js file in the new Edge for published .oam file.


              I think the Drupal plugin you are using to import edge composition into Drupal project is looking for _edgePreload.js file, which is causing the issue.

              Drupal plugin needs to be updated for the new .oam file.




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                kgui Level 1

                So, I understand that .oam animation publishing files are not backwards compatible!?

                Simply adding an empty "_edgePreload.js", only refering to the new situation, would be sufficient for compatibillity reasons, .... .

                But thanks for you answer, I dropped .oam and go for iframes and html.

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                  Robyn_cpl Level 2



                  Have you updated the new version of Edge Animate?

                  Because if you have the new filing system when publishing and creating Edge projects doesn't have the _edgePreload.js any more its added somewhere else.