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    buttons became inactive Flash Builder 4.7


      Hello !


      I realized an application on Flash Builder 4.7. This application has links which dismissals(cross-references) towards plans, maps of various formats (.tif, .dwg...).


      it is situated on a server (Windows 2008) and since a few days, buttons became inactive for those who point at a file (\\ localhost\SIG\image.tif, for example) but continue to work on links URL (http://SIG/...).


      Yet, no evolution of program was recently realized.


      Further to the tests that I realized, I wonder if that would not come from updates Windows.

      Indeed, buttons are inactive on all the PC (Windows 7) which undergo updates frequently. Only my computer PC (Windows XP), connected to no network (except in this case of test) downloads no update and the application works correctly (buttons open the window to 'Download' or to 'Open').

      Maybe that I get lost


      After multitude of researches, I don't too much know what to do any more. Would anybody have had this problem? Does he know how to solve it?


      Thank you in advance for your help. And sorry for my English.


      Good day in all