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    PE13 System Requirements

    fdnyfish Level 1

      My PC is bogged down when I am exporting video's (didn't happen with PE12).  It appears I have the requirements.


      Any suggestions in preferences on how to not use all my CPU power?







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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          What is the description of the TImeline content and Publish+Share/ export for this end product whose production is bogging down your PC?

          I am assuming that the screenshots represent the situation when Premiere Elements 13 is exporting this video.


          Since you make the comparison between version 12/12.1 and 13, is it possible for you to post the same set of screenshots for the period of time when the export is

          in process for this same video from 12/12.1 and 13.0 on the same computer with all source and project/export settings exactly the same?


          Just in case you were wondering, at this time I know of no way to disable Premiere Elements Live.exe. I am still working on the tryout and have not sought to find out

          what happens if you delete the whole Premiere Elements Live.exe. Have you been using the new Shake Stabilizer? Very resource demanding.


          Did you also note that the basic install puts Adobe Premiere Elements 13 into Control Panel/Install Programs at file size 3.64 GB compared to file size1.23 GB for

          Adobe Premiere Elements 12? I need to see how that all balances out once the user downloads all the Content download.


          I am not seeing any place in preferences to make a significant impact on the resource situation in Premiere Elements.

          Apparently you can make a choice of Draft Quality or High Quality Timeline Render Quality (for HD only).



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            fdnyfish Level 1

            I limited the CPU usage that Adobe Premiere Elements was using.


            Open Task Manager
            Click on Processes
            Right Click on Adobe Premiere Elements.exe
            Set Affinity
            Unchecked 4 of my 8 Cores


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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Very interesting.


              Came across the following to check out Processor Affinity since I never got involved with it.

              Windows 7: Set a Program’s Affinity for Better Performance | a Tech-Recipes Tutorial


              But, I would ask "Are your goals related to multitasking or enhancing the performance of Premiere Elements

              during a large size export?". I can see the benefits of reducing the number of cores via Processor Affinity when it

              relates to an overall scheme where the other programs are the CPU hogs, but not when you are trying to improve

              the performance of Premiere Elements.


              Are you implying that Premiere Elements works better if it is forced to deal with a CPU restriction instead of full use

              of the cores?



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                fdnyfish Level 1

                The video creation time didn't seem to change when I lowered the cpu's.


                I just want to be able to do other things while video is exporting



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                  A.T. Romano Level 7



                  Thanks. That is good information to know.