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    PE13 - Is there a way to save Adjustments?


      I am using PE13 and I am trying to figure out if there is a way to save the adjustments I made to a video, so I can use the same adjustments on other videos.



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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          Are you referring to the Adjustments under Adjust Tab/Adjustments Palette/ and one of the Adobe panels there? Or to Applied Effects.

          I am not seeing any opportunity to save Adjusts applied to the Timeline clip from that Adjust Tab area.


          However, if you are referring to fx Effects, that is another matter. When you apply one of the fx Effects you usually get a panel for the effect added to Applied Effects Tab/Applied Effects Palette so that you can edit the effect. After you have edited the effect there, you can right click the specific effect's panel and select Save Preset. Thereafter your edited effect can be found under fx Effects/My Presets from project to project.


          If you drag an fx Effect into the Edit area monitor instead of dragging the effect into the Timeline clip, the Adjustment Layer that you can get applied to the whole movie will have a thumbnail in Project Assets. I have found no way to use that Adjustment Layer thumbnail in Project Assets to save that Adjustment Layer the way I would save a title in Project Assets to a prtl file for use in other projects.


          Also, if I apply fx effect to a clip, in addition apply an adjust from Adjusts, and then go back to Applied Effects to save the effect's preset, the saved preset includes only the applied fx effect, no adjust included.


          Those have been my observations. Nothing really new in this regard going from version 12 to 13.



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            fdnyfish Level 1

            Yes, I was referring to the adjustments made to a video clip (saturation, gamma, brightness, contrast & Blacks)


            It would be great if there was a way to create a preset

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              I will keep trying to figure out a way. I have tried a variety of maneuvers to save just the Adjust Tab's Adjusts. So far, I

              have not found the key if there is one.


              But.....what if....


              Create a dummy project with an image to which you have applied your Adjusts from the Adjust Tab/Adjustments Panel/ to create a "look".

              Save/close the project.


              When needed, open this special project, right click the image with the Adjust, select copy and then do a Edit Menu/Paste Effects

              and Attributes for the new image where you need the "Created Apply" look. But, there is no guarantee the same look will be given to another image.


              Then, there is also, fx Effects/Hollywood Looks which offers different looks using a different combination a fx Effects and Adjusts. You could start

              with one of those, customized it, and save it as an Effect preset?


              Food for thought or indigestion?




              Add On...if any interest, I can give you the list that I compiled on what fx Effects and Adjusts appear to go into each Hollywood Look.