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    BUG: Indesign CC 2014 - significant image artifacts with 'export as JPG'



      Spreads exported from InDesign as maximum quality JPGs have heavy artifacts not present in PDF's with equivalent image compression settings.



      1. Export spread to JPG (max, baseline, 300ppi)
      2. Export spread to PDF (image compression set to JPG, maximum)
      3. Compare both files in Photoshop at 100%



      Maximum quality JPGs are significantly artifacted.


      Expected Results

      Maximum quality JPGs should be identical to PDF images with equivalent image compression settings (and should be virtually indistinguishable from original files sized equivalently in Photoshop (and saved via Photoshop's 'Save for Web').

      Please Note

      I'm very familiar with the limitations of JPG's in pre-press work. Please trust that I have legitimate reasons for needing InDesign to export spreads as JPGs with the same image quality as is possible when exporting as a PDF (or using Photoshop's 'Save For Web' function with the source file sized identically as the spread in question.)



      exhibit A: spread exported as PDF (compression set to JPG, maximum quality)


      exhibit B: spread exported as JPG (maximum quality)