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    Table Styles, one font


      I have set up a table style using a paragraph style and cell styles.  The header is Lucida Bright 5pt font and the body of the table is Myriad Pro font in 7 point.  When I apply the style to a new table, it picks up the Lucida font text formatting only, giving the whole table the Lucida Bright 5pt.

      I've tried several time  to set it up in the original document, gave up, set the table up in a new document saved the style (it works in the new document) then loaded it into the original document.  Same result.  I've checked for overrides and there are none.  I've even tried it with a new table in the original document and get the same incorrect result.   Is there a setting somewhere that I'm missing?

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          I've had the same problem. The entire table ends up with the paragraph style set to my 'Table Header' style, even the cells in the non-header rows.


          I deleted the two paragraph styles, reverting the cell styles back to basic paragraph. Then set the paragraph styles up again outside a table using ordinary body text. And then one by one re-attached them to the table. That seems to have fixed the problem.