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    How to force external links to open in new browser window/tab?


      Greetings. I'm here because searching elsewhere kept coming up with references to javascript. I've created an interactive PDF with both internal and external links. It works just fine when viewed in either Acrobat or Reader. However, it is being downloaded to users' browsers and when they access the external URLs, the new sites replace the existing page in the same window.


      Is there a simple way for me to include an action in the PDF prior to distribution that will force it to open external URLs in a new browser window or tab?


      And for the record, I barely know how to spell Javascript, much less how to write or implement it. So if there is a simple solution, I hope you can also help walk me through the steps to implement it.


      Thanks a ton.

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          try67 MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          There are two issues here:

          - How to do it using JS

          - How to do it in a non-Adobe browser plugin


          The first is pretty straight forward. You use a code like this, replacing the dummy URL with your own:

          app.launchURL("http://www.example.com", true);


          The second issue is more problematic, and in fact there isn't really a solution to it. If the plugin used supports this method then it will work, if not, then you're out of luck. Unfortunately, outside of the Adobe software I don't think that any other plugin supports it.