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    abbreviating months using find change

    rudytj Level 1

      I need to change the months in my document to their abbreviation and have something that is working but i can see it stumbling on some words.

      let me explain.


      here is my search string


      (?<=)uary |(?<=)ruary |(?<=)ust |(?<=)ember |(?<=)ober |(?<=)ember


      that i replace with

      .    <----note one space after the period



      why i worry is that words like "lust" or "combust"  will be in the document. they end the same as August and will be changed to l. or com.


      "remember" ends the same as september so it would become rem.


      sober will become s. because my search string finds any characters followed by ober



      how can i fine tune this so that it only finds August, September etc