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    Mini bridge in ID CS 6 - control for size of thumbnail, bottom of pane, missing


      Mini bridge in ID CS 6 is of course essential.


      Suddenly, the little control at the bottom of the Mini bridge pane, for control of thumbnail size, is missing.  See screen shot of the control here, when we can get it by (laboriously) re-starting.

      ID - Mini Bridge control which is missing.png

      As soon as we do anything with the Mini bridge pane, the control disappears.  Then we only see large-size thumbnails. (We are forced to go through a restart to get again, then it disappears again, then …)  Which makes it more than difficult to find what we need, among the many.


      We hope someone has previously solved this problem.  Or that Adobe support knows the problem, and resolution.


      Thanks in advance,  David Allen