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    Problem uploading video to edge animate

    paper1246 Level 1

      I am trying to add a video to my Edge Animate project, but every time I complete the process, it doesn't show up in the library.  Here is the process I follow:

      1. In the library panel, I click the + sign next to the video tab

      2. The browse dialog box pops up and I find the video and double click it to add it to the Edge Animate library

      3. Edge Animate pauses for a second, then appears to be ready to continue, but the video never shows up in the library


      The movie was created in Premiere Pro. I exported it as an H.264 high def movie. The file is 760 MB.  The title of the movie is Yellowstone.mp4.


      I am able to upload other movies which are the same H.264 codec with the .mp4 extension.


      Is there a size limit on video files for Edge Animate?