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    new hard drive after failure -- reinstalling

    Frank in Brooklyn

      My hard drive failed with no warning to speak of so I could not deactivate Photoshop. I had Photoshop 6.0 installed from an upgrade disk on top of Photoshop 4.0 which might have been through a volume license.


      I cannot re-install 4.0 straight so I can't even put the second allowable copy onto my computer.


      This year it was a hard drive failure, last year it was a need to re-install Win 7 6 months after getting a new HP Notebook. My notes from last year say to add a word to the path after the exe file to install Photoshop and if a certain five digit series appears, to put in a set of 5 numbers and it will install. Was that specific to that re-install or for all re-installs for my software.


      I have both CD's for 4.0 and 6.0. Answer to this or any other advice is welcome.