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    iOS 8 - Black status text despite UIStatusBarStyleLightContent being set

    vansmith Level 1

      Hi everyone,


      I recently compiled a Flex mobile application and ran it on my iPhone 6. Prior to iOS 8 and/or the iPhone 6 (I suspect my issue has to do with the latter but I mention both for clarity), my status text was white as you would expect with UIStatusBarStyleLightContent set. However, with iOS 8/the iPhone 6, the text is black despite having made no changes to my code.


      From what I've read, this has to do with scaling - having to scale the application, iOS resorts to giving status text a black colour. The application is indeed scaled (it's really obvious) so I'm wondering if there is a way to either fix the scaling or change the status colour back to white. I've also read that adding an appropriately sized splash image will force proper sizing (as it has worked for me with the iPhone 4 -> iPhone 5 size increase) but that hasn't been working for me.


      Thoughts? I'm admittedly new so I may be missing something here. For information's sake, I'm building the app using Flex 4.12.1 and AIR 14). Maybe upgrading the respective frameworks will solve this?


      Thanks in advance.