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    HELP...edits gone from Lightroom 5


      So I was freeing up space on my hard drive and must have deleted something important (mostly did temp files) because when I went into my Lightroom 5 gallery the last two weeks edits are gone, the files I deleted are back showing up as grey boxes and an error saying they are missing (because I deleted them from my drive during editing), and the weirdest thing is that my star ratings are still there.  Grant it, I don't think they are up to date...but still.  Any ideas on how I can get the edits back?  It was pretty much two whole days of work, not to mention the other galleries that are all the sudden wiped clean of edits as well. Luckily I already exported those sessions.  Also, I was an idiot and did not backup my lightroom catalog yet this week AND I emptied my recycle bin....so those aren't options for a fix.


      Help Please!