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    Photoshop CS6 will not launch on MacBook Pro. Adobe icon appears then disappears.

    opening photoshop

      On a macbook pro.photoshop will not open. i've tried everything all that happens is an adobe icon appears and then quickly disappears. i have photoshop cs6 suite for a little over a year now. no problems until today. please help - i have a project due tomorrow.

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          I am sorry but I am a Windows user and so I am not sure I can help you. I do not know if you have enough time before your project is due but if you do not get an answer here you may want to just call Adobe. They have techs that can walk you through everything. They can take over your computer and fix it for you. They have done this for me many times when I have had problems and I have always been helped.


          I do not know if Mac is the same but have you tried going to your Program Files? Like... your C drive > whatever > whatever > program files? and then right + click to open it from there ...?? does Mac have something similar??


          I totally wish that I could help you more than this!! Best of luck and I really do hope you can get your project done or an extension!!