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    Need help making an effect w/a Shape

    Kar209 Level 1


      I am using Windows 8.1 and Photoshop CC w/the most recent update.

      I have been dissecting a .psd file made available via Smashing Magazine.



      The icon I am working with is the TV icon.


      Inside the Group: tuner there is a Layer: Color Fill 6's Inner Bevel Highlights (and the one above it Color Fill 6's Inner Bevel Shadows) that I cannot manage to replicate.


      It is a (topside) semi-circle with a white to transparent Gradient Fill. When I Ctrl + Click on the Layer's Thumbnail to create a Selection the shape of the Selection doesn't match the actual Shape. So, I thought that maybe it's because a Blur was added however I have been unable to reproduce the appearance of this Layer by using any of the Blur Filters.


      What I have done is I have made a Circle and then made another Circle set to Subtract Front Shape to make s hole in the center and then I used a Rectangle set to Subtract Front Shape to cut off the bottom half of the circle.


      Next I Ctrl + Clicked on the Layer Thumbnail and then added a New Layer above it and then used the Gradient tool to add a White to Transparent gradient. This works okay except I am unable to get the same look that the one the original artist made (yes, I have tried contacting the artist for help and have waited for a week for a reply).


      Here is the look I am wanting to achieve:

      This is zoomed in to 500%





      Here is my result:

      100% Zoom



      See how mine is smooth? And the one above looks like ... uhhhh ... like a deck of cards has been spread out in a semicircle? (I don't know how else to define/explain it). Well, this detail makes a rather surmountable difference in the overall final object which is the knob or tuner on the tv. It gives depth and definition.


      Does anyone have any idea how I can go about achieving that ... "deck of cards spread out" look? I sure would appreciate any and all advice anyone may have.


      I know I have seen this before in my learning process however I cannot recall nor find in my notes why and when it happens...


      the Selection I get when I Ctrl + Click on the Color Fill 6's Inner Bevel Highlights is about like this:




      and when I make the Selection > add a New Layer above it and go to Edit > Fill it ends up looking like image #1 above.


      Hope I gave enough information I really appreciate your time and assistance!!

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          Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You may want to try one of the filters meant for reducing the number of colors. The more colors the smoother, less colors gives it a step pattern.

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            Kar209 Level 1

            Hey Silk,


            Thank you so very much!! i will give that a try tomorrow too tired to do any more actual work this morning.


            I really appreciate how often you help out in this community. you've helped me so many times which has certainly been appreciated!


            ps. i am actually not sure what you mean by a filter that reduces the number of colors unless you mean an adjustment layer. of course, i will go to the manual and look up such filters.


            but also, does such a critter work when there is just one color such as white? ty


            pps. well, I have tried every Filter possible but no luck thus far. I have also tried the Adjustment Layers but no luck on the effect. still hoping the artist will reply.


            any other ideas?

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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              The thing is, you are not working with just white or at least the attachment is not all white. It is a gradient from white to transparent and therefore white to the background color. It would actually work better if the colors were white to black or other solid color, then use the filter.


              The filters can be found in the filter gallery. Try Artistic>Poser Edges or Artistic>Cutout. You may even try combining it with Sketch>Photocopy, Sketch>Notepaper, Sketch>Charcoal, Sketch>Stamp, and/or Sketch>Torn Edges.

              If possible use the smart object option rather than rasterizing the object when using the filter gallery, as this will allow you to use a trial and error method with out having to constantly having to do an undo, retry method.

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                Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                Here is a quick test I did to verify, if maybe extreme for demonstration, but should point you in the right direction, hopefully.


                stepped gradient.png

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                  Kar209 Level 1

                  I have been trying the various Filter suggestions you made.


                  Then i realized the Angle of the Gradient I was using was incorrect.


                  I still need to figure out how you got the result you did. I've been trying every variation since you made the suggestions to no avail thus far.


                  I'm back off to read more about the Filters and a few other things I've found during my journey to figure this out.


                  10/16/14   Well ... no matter how i mixed the Filters or what angle gradient i used i cannot get the same result as you have gotten.


                  Any chance you'd share????


                  Well, i've almost got this wild goose chase narrowed down.

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                    Kar209 Level 1



                    I was never able to achieve the appearance I was looking for like the one in the image I provided above.


                    However, after playing around with different things I found another way to make what I wanted and it came out pretty good,


                    Unfortunately, everything is on my laptop that just died. Hopefully I will be able to get all my files sooner than later and when I do I will return and post about the result I ended up with.


                    till then ... be well

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                      Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                      Sorry I haven't responded. Must have overlooked it. Let me know when you are back up and I can see if I can help some more. Again I apologize.

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                        Trevor.Dennis Adobe Community Professional

                        I just checked out the PSD, and what you are looking at is a Layer Style > Bevel & Emboss rendered out to individual layers with Create Layers.   Color Fill 6 is the original Shape layer to which the Bevel & Emboss was applied


                        Most of the clipped layers are the result of the Create Layers function, but Layer 16 was added to apply some additional shading.  I unclipped it and placed a 50% grey layer behind it so you can see what it does.  Color Fill Copy 2 & 3 are also added layers with drop shadows, so this will have been created prior to CC 2015.1 with it's multiple layer styles function.

                        So no real mystery, and very easy to recreate.


                        [EDIT]  I am not the tidiest of Photoshop workers when it comes to keeping my layer names in good order, but I couldn't bring myself to share a layered file with going through and giving the layers meaningful names.  Just saying.