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    LR Mobile sync caused iPad mini to crash continuously and reboot with blue screen?




      I've been using LR Mobile on my iPad Mini (Retina) for quite sometime now without any issues. It worked flawlessly, until yesterday.

      I'm not sure whether this problem was caused by the LR Mobile app or not but this was my experience.

      Begin syncing a LR Catalog file (760 photos, needed 1.6 GB of space on my iPad). Sync and download was in progress. (I enabled the offline edit option).

      After like 10 minutes, I checked my iPad to see the sync status and it crashed and restarted by itself.

      After it booted, I opened LR Mobile and bang.... it crashed again.

      This happened several times and I also begin to get the blue screen of death on the iPad.

      Finally, it booted properly and I opened LRM and begin to re-sync. Things went smoothly.

      I had to cancel the sync (around 650 photos were synced) as I had to rush to work and the sync process was taking too long (it took me like 3 hours to sync the 650 photos as the iPad would go into sleep and the sync process would stop. Plus the iPad was crashing and rebooting in between the sync process and caused a loss of time).

      Anyhow, on the way to work I opened LRM and begin working on the images. Everything seemed fine.

      Just an hour ago, when I unlocked my iPad and wanted to work on the images, it crashed again. This time it went in a reboot cycle and the screen went bonkers - got the blue screen, and weird visual distortions of the apple logo, and other unusual visual effects begin to occur. I thought the iPad was gone for, as it went off and wouldn't even restart. (I even tried doing a hard reset - Home + Sleep/Wake buttons).

      Finally when it booted and restarted on its own, I immediately deleted the LR Mobile app and restarted the iPad.
      It's been like 2 hours now and the iPad's working fine.


      Did anyone experience similar issues like this? Or is it just me

      I feel very annoyed because after waiting for hours for my catalog to sync, I had to delete the app and lost all my synced photos

      Can the Adobe LRM team please clarify if this could have been cause by the LRM app?


      I've been using LRM for a long time and never encountered such a problem. Could it be because the app required around 1.6 GB of space on the iPad and they sync/download process was taking like forever to get done. ( I had plenty of free space on my iPad. Had like 5.6 GB free on it).


      Any help and advise would be truly appreciated

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          ibarrien Adobe Employee



          Lightroom mobile should not be causing any iPad crashers, the issue with the crashing LrM is a known issue.

          What would help would be if you can collect logs from your tablet and send them privately to me.

          Only then we can know for sure if it's really caused by LrMobile.


          We would need all your logs that you can find under these folders that are close to the date and time when your device restarted.

          OSX: /Library/Logs/CrashReporter/MobileDevice/DeviceName/

          Windows: C:\Users\AppData\Roaming\Apple computer\Logs\CrashReporter\MobileDevice\DeviceName\


          Btw you need to sync with iTunes to see them.