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    Help! Metadata crisis...


      So I started toying with metadata after I shot an event in Boston. Despite having reset my metadata presets, and creating new presets to use... it STILL loads all of the metadata from my previous event. It's weird because in the right hand panel of my library, when I drop the menu down and select my new preset "basic", it shows the correct info. When I click sync metadata, it displays/reloads all of the OLD event's info.Which is why I thought it might be a legacy thing so I deleted my previous presets.


      When I go up to the top menus and select edit metadata presets, the "custom" preset seems to be the default, but will not reset when I try to default back.


      I can't have all of my photos displaying with this old info






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          NicHamilton Level 3

          Not sure I fully understand where the problem is arising and there seem to be more than one issue here so I'll take them one at a time.


          When you have the correct new Metadata showing in the right hand panel and select the "Sync" button to synchronise the metadata across the other photos you should get a pop-up window showing?

          You then need to select which fields you want to sync across the photos (this is why I don't do it this way) which if you're not careful ends up with extra info being synced across (keywords etc).

          You then just click the "Synchronise" button.  All the settings (that you selected) will then be synchronised across the selected photos


          However, if I wanted the metadata pre-set on lots of photos that I hadn't done on import,  I'd select all of the photos then in grid mode select the metadata pre-set from the drop down list in the RH side panel. 


          As for the editing of the metadata pre-sets, when you select "Edit Metadata", it will always show "Custom" until you give your edited version of the current pre-set or any other one you select as a starting point a new name.


          Hope this makes sense....