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    Sniffer and Hardware acceleration.


      Hello, I have just installed Photoshop CC 2014 for a free trial. After the first launch I am already disappointed:


      Instant crash: "Photoshop has stopped working." ok, let's update GPU driver (I have an nVidia 630m, which is supported), reboot. Still not working,

      After some searches I have find out two solutions:

      - putting off sniffer.exe (because it has detected that my GPU is not somehow compatible)

      - putting off hardware acceleration. (the same exact bug found on Photoshop CS6 + Windows 8)

      Since I really want to use hardware acceleration, I have decided to put off sniffer.exe and everything seems working, hardware acceleration included. Now, my question is: after getting rid of sniffer.exe, in what kind of problems I may run into? Crashes? Hardware acceleration failure? Overheat? Any long term damage? Thanks in advance for answers.


      What really disappoints me is that from CS6 to CC 2014 still Adobe has not resolved the same bug of hardware acceleration, so, I won't subscribe to CC 2014 untill this bug will be fixed.


      Thanks, and sorry for taking your time.