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    How to create new paths for catalog


      I just had to get a new RAID after what looks like an internal power problem in my old one. It was mirrored, and no sign of corruption, and I managed to get it going long enough for me to copy all the files over to the new one. My catalog file is on my Mac, but obviously it's pointing to a location that doesn't exist anymore.

      My LR was organised as a big folder of images linking to files in my archive with folders like 001 Barcelona 09, 002 East London, 003 Broncolor Test, and so on. So the structure is the same. I can only see the option of linking one image at the time, which would take ages. Is there another way of remapping the whole catalog at once?



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          NicHamilton Level 3

          Go to the top level folder (the one you refer to as the "one big folder", presumably)and right click (Cmd-click?) and select "Update Folder Location".


          Using the file manager type window that appears navigate to the big folder's new location.

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            rettb25 Level 1

            Thanks Nic


            But I cannot select the one big folder, because that is simply the drive. What I can select is the individual folders that are "missing" and redirect them. It comes up as "Find missing folder", as I can only find "Update folder location" on folders that have already been located through "find missing folder". But "Find missing folder" seems to strip all my keywords and adjustments, so that is not a solution for me.

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              NicHamilton Level 3

              Find missing folder shouldn't change any of the data or developing....and I've just checked that it doesn't for me.  This really shouldn't happen.  Are you sure you're referencing the right folder (sorry, I know that sounds like a silly question)?


              Is there not a big master folder, I thought you said there was but maybe the disk is the "folder"?  If there is you can select "Show Parent Folder" from the right-click menu.


              As an alternative, and what I'd probably do anyway, is it not possible to rename your new drive the same as the old one?  That's how I'd do it on a Windows system but I don't know how simple that is with a Mac so can't direct the best way of doing it.

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                rettb25 Level 1

                Maybe a couple of screen shots would help to explain my setup. I thought I could keyword and work on my old system with the LR information embedded in the files. I set up my archive as basic as possible (001ipsum, 002lorem, 003etc) so that I could use it with achieving systems like LR without being dependent on it. Worked for people in the past that have had to change systems several times, because the system in vogue at the time went bust or started playing up. Too much work. I thought LR was easy and would be easy to use in case of problems like this. Renaming my new drive is really not a good option, unless I can rename it again after repairing all my paths. Seems like a vary cumbersome workaround for something I thought would be pretty basic. Peoples RAIDs crashes and people changes setups all the time...


                I really appreciate your help here





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                  JimHess Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                  What is the name of the "one big folder"? Are all of these other folders within that folder? If they are then you should be able to update the folder location just the first folder, and then right-click on that folder and choose to show the parent folder. Once that is done, everything else should fall into place as far as I can see.

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                    NicHamilton Level 3

                    Hmmm, I really don't understand why "Find missing Folder" doesn't work.  This is presumably exactly the sort of situation it's designed for and it works just fine on my system.  I know I've used it in the past when upgrading systems and a quick check with a renamed folder (outside of Lightroom) works fine for me without any of the key-wording or Developing work being lost. 


                    I assume the key-wording etc  is in tact before you run the "Find missing Folder" Option?


                    Run me through exactly what happens when you follow that course  (and I'd suggest a backup of your Catalog before doing anything else, including this).


                    As for your first comment about embedding the information in the files, yes, but we shouldn't need that for the moment.  I leave that to Lightroom to manage and only embed information to files when I know I'm going to need it somewhere else.

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                      rettb25 Level 1

                      Didn't get my keywords through before, but after restarting it seems to be working. I probably did something wrong there somewhere... Thanks for your help.

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                        NicHamilton Level 3

                        You're welcome...glad it's sorted!

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                          rettb25 Level 1

                          Hey Nic


                          Seems to all fall into place now. Keywords are coming through. I restarted LR a couple of times and looked for the method your told me. I think I was doing it before, but I might have done something wrong. Keywords also appearing on random files that I tried to remap before. But everything seems to come through now.


                          Thank you so much for your help!