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    Naming new cue markers, smart naming.

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      It would be very practical and productive, if the naming in "Markers Panel" would work in such a way (so the feature can be turned on/off in Preferences):


      For example,

      Already added markers (marker name):


      1. A_01_01

      2. A_01_02

      3. A_01_03


      If i add new marker (hitting M), Audition will name this: A_01_04. Naming a marker depends what name have previous (last marker name in list) marker. It adds +1 to last digit.

      If i add new marker to the list with different name: BC0005, naming starts again. Hitting "M", the new marker name will be BC0006, and list looks like this:


      1. A_01_01

      2. A_01_02

      3. A_01_03

      4. A_01_04

      5. BC0005

      6. BC0006


      If i add new marker in timeline between 3-4, then i have to name this my self. It still remembers last one in the list: "BC0006".