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    Error message "Files are offline or missing"


      I imported photos about 25 JPG photos into Lightroom 5. Did some editing and then messed up when I tried to export the photos. Now I cant even click the export button and there is an error message saying "files are missing or offline". I am unsure what to do now, I want to save these photos to my hard drive. ANY SOLUTIONS? Thanks.

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          ssprengel Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          The message you’re receiving means the files are not at the location on your hard drive compared to when they were imported.  To do something with a photo LR needs both the original photo and the settings you have applied.  If it can’t find the original then it can’t do the export.


          Either the originals have been delete or moved or the drive-letter or device-name of the external drive where they were located has changed. 


          Saying you messed up while exporting doesn’t really explain what happened, so maybe have more detail about that would help.

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            kaufdaddy21 Level 1

            Thank you. I did move the files to a different folder. Is there anyway for Lightroom to recognize where I changed my original files to?


            I dont think I messed up the initial export attempt it was just the same issue I am having now although at least I had the option to export before.

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              NicHamilton Level 3

              Lightroom cannot on its own find where you moved your files.  If you moved them all to a new folder you can right-click (Cmd-Click on a Mac) on the folder that they're missing from in Lightroom and select "Find Missing Folder".  Use the navigator windows that pops up to point at the new Folder that holds the files.


              If you moved them to separate folders you'll need to right click each file individually.


              Alternatively you can put the files back where they were.....