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    Edge Animate symbol timeline goes blank...!!




      Anyone else have this issue? After the recent update to Edge Animate, I'm having this problem, the symbol time line goes blank and there is nothing inside the timeline, hours of work is gone just like that, it doesn't matter how many times you have saved your work. I have spend two days now on this, it was working perfect before the update. I tried re-installing Edge animate but the same thing happens, it also sometimes gives an error saying you need to save the work and restart edge animate coz an error has happened and following this error i get another error saying C+++ exception!!


      I have no idea what is wrong with edge animate and i'm on a tight deadline. Please test your products before you release it!! Never knew the update will ruin my project!! When i open my project made from previous version it saves the project as an upgraded version, and i think this is causing the issue maybe. PLEASE HELP!