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    cuda_supported_cards.txt no longer present in CC 2014 Premiere Pro, After Effects Folders

    Andrew Pernicano Level 1

      I'm on a "gaming" Win laptop using one of the latest nVidia GPU's, the GTX 880M. Being new--year old really new?--, I had to add it to the list contained in cuda_supported_cards.txt for Pr, AE and AME. With the newest CC 2014 update, these .txt files are no longer present in their respective program folders.


      Does this mean that the programs no longer differentiate? If they see CUDA cores they enable the acceleration? Or does this mean they stopped the end-user from by-passing their filters? How to verify if I'm getting the acceleration? I recall having the feature greyed out in previous versions of these programs if I hadn't yet edited the list, and at the moment they are not greyed out despite not having found a list to edit.


      I've searched for mention of this change in newest version but have yet found a discussion.


      Thanks in advance,