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    Black bars around video in premiere 10


      When I upload a video, there seems to be black bars around it.  How do I fix it?

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          A.T. Romano Level 7



          You have not presented enough information with which you help you.


          What computer operating system is your Premiere Elements 10 running on?


          What are the properties of this video that you imported into the project?

          Video compression

          Audio Compression

          Frame Size

          Frame Rate

          Interlaced or Progressive

          File Extension

          Pixel Aspect Ratio


          If you tell us the brand/model/settings of the camera that recorded the video, that might give us enough information to take care of the above video information needs.


          What are you setting as the project preset to match the properties of your source video? Or are you just OK'ing the new project dialog and accepting its default

          which is NTSC DV Standard for a NTSC setup and PAL DV Standard for a PAL setup?


          The fix is typically to know the properties of your source file and select a project preset in the new project dialog so that the two match.


          Please review and consider the above. We will decide what next based on your answers. The answers will be in the details.


          Looking forward to your follow up.





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            Qualick Level 1


            I use a windows product, not a apple product. 

            Frame size is 1280x600

            Frame rate 30 frames/second

            It is a video clip, I used an ingame recording system.

            Progressive not interlaced.


            I am new to these kinds of things, so I don't actually know most of what you said.

            Thank you for helping (:

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              A.T. Romano Level 7



              Thanks for the reply.


              When you open a project, you or the project needs to set a project preset to match the properties of your source file that you are going to import into the project.

              You need a match between the project preset and the properties of the source so that the project is directed to set up the

              correct space for editing in the Edit area monitor. Unless you can settle for black borders, you need

              to make a match between project settings and source media properties.


              There is no 1280 x 600 pixels project preset in Premiere Elements - video is typically 4:3 or 16:9. 1280 x 600 is neither.


              Some possibilities...


              a. You could record your images to 1280 x 720 16:9


              b. You could import your 1280 x 600 video into a 1280 x 720 project with 1280 x 720 Edit area monitor space and then scale (zoom in) the image until

              it fills the Edit area Space without black borders.


              Can you alter your recording settings so the your recording is either 4:3 or 16:9 video?


              When you get to exporting your Timeline content, you have more flexibility in the export settings.


              Please let me know what the requirements are for your export of your Timeline with this 1280 x 600 video.