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    LR creates own source folder on desktop


      LR is doing something weird, when I'm trying to import images into LR. I select the images from an external hard drive to import. I click import and the weirdness sets in. LR creates a folder who's name is the date, something like 2014_10_10 on my desktop. So instead of working in LR from the my external hard drive it's on my desktop hard drive.


      So I deleted the newly created folder on my desktop. I then selected an image in the desktop folder in Lightroom and then connected it up with the same image on the external hard drive. LR now creates a folder in the left panel, in the external hard drive.  LR then brings in all the images into the external hard drive ( in the LR left panel ).mmrk


      Everything OK except for all the time wasted.

      Any suggestions.