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    Indesign Package fonts folder name: "Document fonts" vs "Fonts"




      I have a few indesign packages from customers/product management for testing purposes.


      The relevant part for my question is the name for the folder with fonts. Most packages would have fonts in a folder called "Document fonts", which seems to be what Indesign CC wants.


      I have one package though that seems to be created properly,as in through the Indesign options to create the package and not manually (has the instructions file in it), but the fonts are in a folder called just "Fonts".  If I open it in Indesign CC (Client and Server) and fonts are not found. It works fine if I rename the folder.   


      So, I am not familiar at all with older indesign version, is it possible that Indesign (any version) would create a package with fonts in a folder named "Fonts" (as opposed to "Document fonts")?


      thank you