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    Preloader: Only works on first publish?

    shawnk2520 Level 1

      Ok. I have a simple animation composed of two SVG's. The SVG's are quite simple (random dots simulating a starfield). This oam file will ultimately be added to a Muse project.


      I can successfully publish the animation.

      I can add the animation to the Muse project...

      Publish the Muse project

      On Publish, Muse launches a browser window and viola..

      I can see the preloader and Edge animation working ok on first publish...

      However, if I refresh my browser, the preloader just hangs the animation...

      This happens in a variety of browsers (*Our primary build out is Chrome)



      Things to note:
      The homepage containing the animation does also include Inserted HTML at the footer of the page. Notice the slow marching parade of accolade logos? This is separate HTML/CSS animation and outside of the Edge animation I am referring to above.

      I have tried both he "Immediate" and "Polite" options on the preloader setup

      The animation is not very large so my expectation at this time would be that the Preloader just blinks real quick and disappears. This would be a satisfactory result.

      I have been deleting browser cache during testing

      "Host runtime files on Adobe CDN" checked and unchecked; tested both... no change in outcome...

      No audio has been added to the project assets; audio is not being used in this project (unfortunately; I like this feature though)


      http://praxidicelaw.businesscatalyst.com (animation should appear on homepage with a quick preloader and then starfield)

      http://praxidicelaw.businesscatalyst.com/testanim.html (a test page with nothing but the animation. No master file applied or other content)



      Thanks in advance to any help/assistance...