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    Ading more authorized accounts to Digital Editions?


      I have a problem "moving" DRM material between my Mac and an eBook-reader on my iPad.

      I jsut recently made a purchase on the internet (eBook) that came as a DRM-protected PDF. Surprisingly it was presented as an PDF-file (not an expected EPUB) and I downloaded it to my Mac to verify the purchase.

      As soon I opened it with my Adobe Digital Edition locally on the Mac, I believe the "authorized user"-information was confirmed back to the website, and "confirmed" to that user-id.

      Regretfully I have an eBook-reader on my iPad with another "authorized user"-id, and the website denies a download to my iPad as it states the purchase has been locked to another user-id.

      The actual eBook-reader is locked to that website with that exact user-id, and if I change the local user-id, I cannot access the bookshelf at all on the website.


      I don't even know if the correct question is asked/posted, but is there a way to add several  "authorized user" to Digital Editions to prevent this from happening in the future? I guess there is no hope for the purchase already made...