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    windows 8.1  adobe flash installer




      Heb problem met gebruik/installatievan adobe flash player

      Heb windows 8.1

      Wie kan me hier mee verder helpen ?





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          pwillener Level 8

          What exactly means "heb problem"?


          What exactly are you trying to install?  Flash Player is already embedded in Internet Explorer for Windows 8.x; are you trying to install for another browser?

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            paula1952 Level 1

            Hi Pat,


            First of all than you very much for your reaction to my "help Request" !


            Being an elder dutch woman (62) might explain maybe a great deal of this " Problem "


            Yes, I do have Windows 8.1 and Adobe Reader has been installed ( Checked list of Program, stated Adobe Reader XI ( version 11.0.09)

            So far so good, Now...

            I am learning Italian on line at Babbel.com

            I wanted to download and print a certificate, but this did not work.


            so I should say : downloading an printing does not work ?



            So, I tried to follow instructions  given by Windows,

            .... activate, uninstal X AXTIVE FILTER ETC., etc.

            But all of this did not work, this is "chinese " to me, so I quite.


            Hopefully I made made myself clear and  explained the situation in a better way now, so you mighbt be able to help me.


            If not, thanks anyway.





            te: Sun, 12 Oct 2014 21:33:16 -0700

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              pwillener Level 8

              You are not "elder"; you can call me "Pat1950"...


              Anyway, I looked around Babbel.com, and I did not find anything using Flash Player, nor Adobe Reader.  Maybe I have to complete a course to find such a certificate to print?


              Do you think that certificate is a PDF?  What browser do you use?