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    How to Create a ZXP for CC, and for CS6->CC

    mlavie Level 1



      Up until now, I used the Extension Builder to create InDesign Extensions. I chose CS5-CS6 as the range, and the ZXP thus created worked on CS5, CS5,5 and CS6 without a hitch. I used the popup menu option Export-->Adobe Application Extension to create the ZXP.


      Now, we have out first customer who uses CC. So we installed CC in house for testing, and I chose the range CS5-CC in the manifest editor.

      My attempts to install the ZXP failed with the notice:


      This extension can not be installed, it requires InDesign64 version in range of inclusively between 9.0 and 9.9.


      I also get the same error if I choose exclusively CC (selecting CC to CC range in the manifest editor).

      What am I doing wrong???