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      I've heard thousands of people say how bad Corsair coolers are.  If that's the case, what coolers are recommended?  What cooler do you use?  What are YOU satisfied with?

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          TimvandenOever Level 1

          Scythe Mugen, Thermalright Macho, Cooler Master 412S, perhaps some more expensive Noctua coolers but they're too noisy for my taste... The aforementioned are top quality and quiet at that, many reviews will say the same.


          Maybe the bad things you hear are related to the water cooling sets. Water cooling is still as much a fad as always has been. You might get a slightly higher overclock on a great cpu (100 Mhz?), but the coolers I named are all gonna be perfect for 4.5 Ghz and even if you get that far you almost certainly don't want to on an editing rig.


          edit. And on top of the questionable gains in those water cooling sets, I've read many complaints about the noisy coolers supplied with them, so if you want a somewhat bearable noise in the office you're looking at raising the price even further to get some replacement fans.