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    Image mapping Issue


      I am using RoboHelp 5 for creating a webhelp for a web-based application.
      In this help file, Each field in an image is mapped to a html (which describes the field). So each image is at the least linked to some 10-15 htmls.
      Since there are different modules, I am saving the images in individual module folders. While inserting an image, i select it (or specify the path) from the Image properties window.

      Issue encountered:
      When I opened the Project file ( .xpj), i had the following issues:
      1. TOC links were broken: Resolved this issue by restoring the broken links.
      2. Some of the images were not displayed in the webhelp output- Checked for the image path, it was pointed to a different location. I gave the right path, but all the image mappings are lost. Coming up with image mapping is really tedious and time consuming.......... :(

      My questions:
      1. Why does the image path change??
      2. What might be the cause for such an issue??
      3. How can i include the correct image without losing the image mappings??

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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Welcome to the forum.

          Are we talking about merged webhelp here?

          Has this problem occurred in something that was working OK or is it a problem with something that you have just set up and not had working before?

          How is the output being transferred to the server? Do you publish it there or do you just generate and hand the files to the developers.

          Is your project stored locally or on a server?

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            Suhaan Level 1
            Hi Peter,

            It is not merged webhelp.
            I am involved in updating the existing set of files and provide the updated Help to the developers.
            The help file was working fine previously.
            The help file is stored on a server. I make a local copy of the project folder and work on it.
            This issue was encountered when i was working on a local copy of the project folder.