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    Edge Animate Text Rasterization

    Marty LaSalle Level 1

      I am building a website in Muse that is fairly straightforward but that uses some animations I have created in Edge Animate.


      When I publish the website, on most browsers and in most situations, the text that I use in the animations (which are non web safe fonts that I add from TypeKit) looks fine.  But in some cases, usually when the internet is slow, the text will not be the right font and appears to be the web safe version in that font family.  I've been confused by this because I thought that Muse basically by default rasterized any non-safe web fonts as the file is exported (hence not being able to create hyperlinks).  It seems that this is not the case when the text is part of Edge animation.


      I went to try and find a way to rasterize the text in Edge Animate and I can't find a way to do so.


      So my question is twofold:  one, what is the mechanics of text components in Animate in how it relates to Muse, and also, am I able to rasterize text in animate so that the text components are already rasterized when I place them in Muse?  I know that I could rasterize the text in another application and just import the PNG or JPEG text file into animate, but this is cumbersome and time consuming and I am hoping there is an easier solution.


      Thanks for any help!